by Jack Shand; Executive Partner of The Portgage Group

In April, the Canadian Society of Association Executives ( will present a Summit on “Associations 2025”. What must not-for-profit organizations be doing to ensure they thrive over the next decade and beyond? What will be the attributes of the successful association leader in 2025?

Is mastery in managing change a pre-requisite?

What will change…if anything?

Will cultural diversity be a factor in engaging future support?

Is the sector a “sunset industry” being overtaken by more nimble, better-resourced competitors?

Building on the successful ‘Ted-Talk’ concept, the future leaders of associations and non-profits – current young(er) professionals running associations or aspiring to leadership roles – are being asked to identify those trends they think will have greatest importance and influence. It’s called ‘Trend-Talk’.

What say you?



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