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The Portage Group offers information-driven planning, advisory and implementation support across multiple integrated service areas.


Market Research

Strategy and Organizaton Design


and Search

Market Research

Our team offers unmatched market research depth across several areas, including quantitative surveys, omnibus, polls/e-voting, as well as key informant interviewing, focus group and workshop facilitation, e-panels, online and in person focus group moderation and more.

Clients return to TPG for their research needs because they know they can count on us for thoughtful design, careful analysis and actionable insights. We offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative research products for associations, not-for-profit and other member-based organizations.

Our Focus

Planning and Organizational Performance

TPG’s work in all areas – from planning and executive search, to organization design, and governance, includes quality research as a foundation for decision making. Some of our products in this area include:

  • Member and market research
  • Stakeholder engagement studies
  • Segmentation and member value drivers analysis
  • Competitive and environmental analysis
  • Benchmarking and better practices


Sector Research

We offer several value-added and/or revenue generating research products targeted to your members and industry stakeholders. Products include:

  • Compensation, operations and financial benchmarking
  • Industry trends
  • End-user/consumer behaviour and profiling
  • Economic impact studies
  • Issues management and positioning

What industry professionals have to say:

“We are very happy with the Economic Impact Study TPG conducted for us. The team handled this complex project with expertise, quality and skill. The end result was a product that not only contributed to our reputation and profile as an industry leader, but added a great source of tangible value to our members. We look forward to working with TPG again!”

National Trade Association

“The Portage Group professionally guided us through our research options and process, and provided clear communication on the project’s progress, milestones and deadlines. The final report was thorough and comprehensive. It was well received and generated good discussion in the BC Branch and with our counterparts across the country. We would absolutely retain The Portage Group for similar research in the future.”

Provincial Professional Association

“I would like to congratulate the Portage Group’s team for a job well done. During this project, The Portage Group team members quickly developed an understanding of the task. The outreach via e-conferences and the member wide survey captured input from the various segments of our membership…The [committee] deeply valued your efforts.”

National Professional Association
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Strategy and Organization Design

Customized to the unique needs, realities and culture of your organization, TPG’s clients benefit from the thought-leadership of our team in developing innovative and future-focused planning and development solutions.

Our Focus

Strategic Planning
Business and Implementation
Competitive and Organizational


Value Proposition
Development and Review
Membership and Business
Governance Model Review
and Optimization


Whether you need a new strategic plan, are seeking competitive advantage, or want to undertake scenario planning to help your organization to navigate turbulent times, our consulting team includes certified facilitators and trusted advisors with the experience and know-how to help you develop a pragmatic and future-oriented plan that considers all the angles.

We have at our disposal a vast toolkit of frameworks, tools and techniques that we customize to your organization’s specific needs. Our facilitation services include:

  • Small and large group retreats, forums and workshops
  • Live virtual facilitation and moderation
  • World Café and Roundtable sessions
  • Virtual epanel and forum discussion design and moderation



Whatever the project, TPG includes the following key elements
as part of its approach to planning and development:
Data and Information

A detailed analysis of internal and external trends, issues and realities and, importantly, consultation and consideration of member and stakeholder needs and priorities.


We’ve lived leadership and know where are the possibilities and the pitfalls for associations and non-profits. We will be a partner in the planning process in helping to identify potential opportunities and what it takes to succeed.


While we share relevant information, better practices, and guide your organization leadership through the decision-making process, we also work to ensure those who develop the plan take active ownership of it.


Our team has a vast toolkit of pragmatic facilitation approaches and techniques that range from traditional to truly out-of-the box.  We are highly experienced in facilitating great strategies in both in person and virtual formats.


Our approach encourages clients to set ambitious and results-focused goals that can be measured as plans are implemented and updated over time.


The Portage Group follows a planning and reporting process that is logical and easy-to-follow.

What industry professionals have to say:

“Thank you very much for leading a very effective and productive strategic planning process! I’m a big fan of yours, always have been. Thanks again for all your wisdom, class, experience, and expertise…it made a big difference.”

Provincial Professional Association

“I’ve been through a lot of strategic planning workshops and this is the best I’ve ever experienced.”

National Professional Association

“We worked with TPG to look at some fundamental questions related to our organizational model. This project included several different components that required in-depth consultation, as well as internal and external research to help us understand and evaluate the best options to position our organization for success going forward. We found TPG’s sector knowledge, professionalism and experience contributed to the overall quality of the recommendations and analysis in the final research report. I would certainly recommend TPG’s research and consulting service to others.”

National Trade Association
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