Strategic Planning That Pushes Past ‘Predictable’

Whether you are headed in a new direction or need to revisit your existing plan, The Portage Group brings its extensive sector knowledge to help clients develop plans that really work because they are driven by:
  • Innovative Planning Techniques: Whether it’s using technology to facilitate a plan with input from decision-makers from across the country or creative planning techniques to generate fresh ideas for the really big issues, our team works with you to develop a planning approach that fits the unique needs of your organization
  • Stakeholder Input: Making sure all the key parties have a say means they are vested in the process…and more willing to roll up their sleeves!
  • Data-Driven: With the very best in market research expertise in the business, our team will help ensure your decisions are driven by reliable information that is truly relevant to your needs
  • Wholistic Analysis: With experts on board in areas ranging from research and strategy to governance, HR and more, our team-based consulting approach enables us to facilitate solutions that consider all the angles, opportunities, and innovations that have worked in other organizations
  • Results-Based Measurement: Our approach encourages clients to set ambitious and results-focused goals that can be measured as plans are implemented and updated over time
  • Counsel: We’ve lived leadership and know where are the possibilities and the pitfalls for associations and non-profits. We will be a partner in the planning process in helping to identify potential opportunities and what it takes to succeed
  • Simplicity: The Portage Group follows a planning and reporting process that is logical and easy-to-follow
  • Implementation Support: The Portage Group will continue to work with your planning and implementation team to ensure your plan turns into a reality and is effective over time

Our Strategic Planning Products

Whatever your planning and implementation needs, The Portage Group team can help your association, charity, non-profit or public sector organization develop and implement a plan that pushes past ‘predictable.’  We offer:
  • Strategic Plan Facilitation to help you develop a plan that is driven by the needs of your members and other key stakeholders
  • Critical Path and Implementation Planning to define the ‘who, the how and the when’
  • Implementation Support to support your staff and volunteers on the ground as they turn the plan into a reality
  • Strategy Audits to evaluate, update or revise your existing plan
  • Strategic Communications Support to keep members and other stakeholders in the loop and engaged throughout the planning cycle