The Portage Group and CSAE will be coming together to collaborate on Associations 2025, a look at what will be the future of associations, trends that are happening now and predicting new ones and showcasing which associations have been able to stay ahead of the curve, retain members and grow their member base.

Over the next 2 months, leading up to Associations 2025 on April 26, 2016 we will be exploring the topics:

  • How do association professionals anticipate big trends like information technology, aging demographics and industry consolation? Where is there innovation?

  • How will your association be affected?

  • What are you doing to become forward thinking, future association?

  • How is your association positioned to attract and retain quality employees?

  • What do the future leaders of your association need to know so that you may continue to thrive well into the future?

  • Virtual offices, aging demographics, constant access and communication, and an increased desire for work-life balance… what adjustments does your association need to make to stay ahead of the curve?

We will be looking to you, the association professionals, the board members, the new hires, and the upcoming executives, to contribute feedback on what you see, what you like, what you understand or feel is needed. What questions do you have?

We want an open dialogue so all voices are represented.
What do you think things will look like this year? Next year? 2025?

Lets stay engaged and work on communicating with each other, sharing ideas, and expressing how to keep our industry moving forward and keep our members happy and involved.

Looking forward to your comments and feedback!



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